Friday, 12 March 2010

Even more ignorance and cruelty

Written and spelled just as it was….my comments are in blue.
Thankfully as more people are finding out the truth about the cruelty of declawing, the sensible answers far outnumber the ignorant, but there is a frightening amount of ignorance on how to care for cats in general.

Q:How do I get my cat to stop scratching the wooden doorway?
A:Well take her to be trained or buy 1 of those eletric collers and shock her when she does that. It wont hurt you no just a shock. And if that doesnt work woop her ***!!!
An eletric coller ? It won’t hurt you no, JUST a shock, but then again if a shock doesn’t work WOOP her ! I wonder how this person would feel with an electric collar on ?

Q:How do I punish a kitten for scratching ?
A: A good method for disciplining cats is a rolled up newspaper used to swat (not whack) them on the top of their head, a little behind the ears.
Swat a cat on the head behind the ears ! I just hope this person hasn’t got a cat !

Q: Where can I get my cat declawed on a Saturday cheap?
A: Petco
She had a lot of anti declaw replies explaing how cruel declawing is and she commented:
It is NOT cruel. I get my nails clipped too. I am not stupid. He is not ripping our new furniture. it's either get his nails cut or get rid of him. And for the smartazzs, we have tried other alternative such as sprays, many toys-it doesnt work. So for everyone who thinks its cruel no one asked u to comment. I need someone who knows a good place if not go away.
Petco don't do it anyway.
For all the explanations she had, she still insisted it was merely nail clipping!

Q: Should I have my cat declawed ?
A1: If its an indoor cat only, in fact I wouldn't own an indoor cat without declawing it. Ive lost too much furniture and clothes due to an unclawed cat....
Of course the VERY important furniture and clothes come before the cat's welfare!
A2: If newborn babies can be circumcised, what's declawing cats. No biggie, declaw away
That old chestnut, comparing declawing with circumcision and no biggie, declaw away !No biggie having a cat crippled !!
A3: Well, Im not a cat person. Personally, I think an indoor cat who is not well behaved (scratching kids, wrecking furniture) should be declawed. But my husband thinks its totally wrong.It doesn't really matter for us though, because we'll likely never own a cat. We're dog people.
Even someone who isn’t a cat person has an opinion, I hope they never do ‘own’ a cat.
As for scratching kids and wrecking furniture,they must think cats are wild beasts !What do the kids do to the poor cat anyway to deserve a warning scratch ?
A4: Cats scratch with the back feet anyways and u only declaw the front so ya i declaw the cats
Even someone who uses 'text speak' knows a lot!
A5: Only if necessary. If it is like my cat, and he runs up a fence and gets lost. Then declaw them. But otherwise not very humane.
Is that for or against ?Is it only humane to declaw cats who run up fences and get lost?
A5: if its an indoor cat then definitely.if its outdoor only declaw if you dont like him
Is this someone totally ignorant or someone with a sense of humour ?

This is a comment from someone who asked about declawing and then decided they didn’t want to know after all.
Keep your opinions to yourself. To all the thumbs downers. PI$$ OFF!

I LOVE THIS ONE by someone called Pork Daddy
I'm American, and anytime I hear someone wants to declaw their cats I want to punch them in the face, and keep punching them in the face until they promise not to do it. It's disgusting that people do such a vile (and in MANY countries, and also cities in the US too it's illegal), thing. Removing a cat's claws is removing the first digit of their finger. It makes it much harder to stretch (critical for a cat), since they can't dig their claws in. They also overcompensate for lack of claws by using their teeth. If I could, I'd punch everybody who got their cat declawed, right in the face -- as long as I was anonymous.
Oh Pork Daddy how I'd love to do the same thing !!

Q: Is delcawing good or bad ?
Delcawing ???
Of the 35 who answered 31 said bad 4 said good
One of the 4 who said good: Good.If they scratch on stuff then it's good for them to be declawed.So that means they can't scratch on that stuff anymore.
It's good for them ? Yes,very important the stuff can't be scratched !

Q:My boyfriend wants my 10wo kitten declawed
I heard de-clawing is like cutting off out fingers at the knuckle. (I told him that and of course he told me that that isn't true)
A: It's not like cutting off fingers, but it's getting rid of their defense system! without their claws they can't climb or fight or so anything any cats do. My uncle had his cat de-clawed, then he moved and couldn't take the cat to his new apartment. He dropped her off at the farm, now she can't find food for herself, the other cats pick on her, and her ears froze off during the winter. not everywhere is safe for a cat and sooner or later you might have to get rid of it. have him watch the disney movie Bolt. (good example)
This person obviously thinks cats are disposable and even recommends a disney movie !

The following are not about declawing, but included to show the general ignorance of some people and also the daily abuse of cats:
Q: How do I stop my cat getting under my feet ?
A1: This is easy ! ...every time the Cat get under your feet, STOMP on its tail ! (that'll stop it).
A2: Kick him (not hard just a little tap like shoo) and yell my cats still love me and are nice and they dont make me trip over them win win

Q: My cat with possible bite abscess is sitting up a height and won’t come down
A: She has had a shock & is behaving normally under the circumstances. by staying high she is avoiding the risk of any other confrontation. ensure her wounds are clear of puss & make her feel secure & she will come round in time.
veterinary nurse
Yes one of the vet nurse/vet tech brigade who can't even spell PUS properly but knows everything about cats.

Declawing MUST be banned,we can never hope to educate some of these people and we can never hope to convince those who will never be convinced !


  1. It is absolutely frightening that people out there are so ignorant and unfeeling about cats and all animals, they seem to have no compassion at all and use cats in any way they decide without fear of comeback. Don't they ever try to imagine how it must be to be a cat? It's good to be reminded by this blog of how much work there is still to be done!

  2. We sometimes forget the level of ingorance and it is a big source of concern in respect of declawing. If it is down to education at the consumer end and greed at the vet's end it will take a long time to fix declawing and to change the culture of cat keeping in the USA.

  3. It's very sad that not only are some people totally ignorant of natural cat behaviour, but they seem to lack any understanding that cats are sentient creatures capable of feeling pain and emotions.

    It wouldn't be so bad if some of these comments were made by first time cat owners, but a lot of them claim to have been keeping cats for years.

    There must be a lot of cats and other pets living miserable existences in the homes of people who have no business keeping animals in the first place.

    Michele S.

  4. This is brilliant. Thanks for "outing" such ignorance which is so clearly demonstrated by these idiots.

    Education is so crucial, but what irks me completely are the many people out there that think they know it all and are not at all interested in hearing other opinions.

    I cannot for the life of me understand how so many of these folks claim to love cats. It is simply a non-compute.

    Thanks again for sharing this,


  5. Kattaddorra, Bless you for bringing awareness to this cause. I have put a link to your petition on my blog, and have gotten a few comments about cats and declawing. There is a lot of ignorance out there...thank you for sharing.
    Good luck,