Monday, 15 June 2009

Confining pets in small spaces

Yesterday I saw a question on Yahoo Answers from a girl who was getting a kitten. She said her dad HATES cats but as she's his 'lil girl' he said OK as long as the kitten stayed in a cage until she grew up. She went on to say that of course she'd let the kitten out for a while when she was home from school but it would have to go back in overnight.Was that OK ? I was astonished to see some answers saying yes that was acceptable !
That kitten would be shut in a cage for at least 18 hours out of the 24 hours in a day and with no companionship.Poor little soul, leaving her mother and siblings and condemned to that life.I pointed that out and that kittens need regular feeding and interaction with people and fun and games, they did not need shutting away alone in a house ruled by someone who hates cats.
What is it with these 'kitty cages ' and 'dog crates' I can't understand why people get pets and then lock them away for hours on end. Here in England our pets have the freedom of the house and the garden at the very least ! Pets are not possessions to be taken out of cages or crates when it suits.It's not compulsory to have a pet, so why why why do some people take them and possibly deprive them of a loving happy home where they'd be one of the family ?


  1. Too right Katt, all cages need consigning to the scrap heap pronto! Why get a pet and put it in a cage? I saw that question and I was disgusted not only at the father but at the girl herself who hadn't thought out the fact that the kitten would be in solitary confinemnt while she was at school, doing after school activities and going out with friends. Any kid with sense would have said she wouldn't have a kitten under those conditions, proving that it was the thrill of possession rather than a genuine desire to love and nurture a kitten.

  2. That is so very sad. That poor kitten being confined to a cage .. it makes me so sad to even think of this kitten's life.

    I think that this father is educating her daughter that a living creature is not that important compared to inanimate property and that an animal's life is not valuable. How can people be so cruel?