Monday, 18 May 2009

Cats declawed for their own safety ! Whatever next ?

I really couldn't believe it when I read it, that supposedly 9 vets had told the writer that indoor cats need to be declawed for their own safety !!! Why ? Well they reckoned that a cat might snag its claws on something while playing and may break its toe bones.Also, using a litter tray the cat could get germs under its claws and spread them around the house. This writer adds that he/she hates it when cats nibble and yank out their own claws and that it hurts then as bad as a hangnail hurts a human( he/ she thinks they yank whole claws out, not simply remove the shards from them as cats naturally do when manicuring !!! ) Then he/she adds that cats with claws can hurt each other and if they don't get treament immediately, the wound can get infected. I'd say a bite was much more likely to become infected than a scratch !

This person obviously knows zilch about cats and what's more, is desperately trying to justify having his/her own cats declawed.
It would be funny if it wasn't so serious,because someone who doesn't know much about cats and declawing, could read that, think it was true and have their poor cat declawed on this person's say so !

In all my years working with vets and doing cat rescue and having cats at home too, never once have I seen a claw injury so bad it justifies declawing ALL cats. Nor have I seen a cat with a broken toe.
Who are these pro declaw people who can't understand the concept that cats are born with claws because they need them ? As for spreading germs with claws, well I'd think it more likely that more germs would be spread by a cat with mutilated feet,especially before the wounds are healed.And as for cats might hurt each other !! Are all animals to be disabled,have their claws and teeth removed, just incase they hurt another animal ? We might as well say humans should be disabled too as we are more likely to hurt each other and animals than ever an animal would be !


  1. That's what is so frightening, anyone who hasn't a clue can get on the Internet and print any sort of rubbish recommending this disgusting procedure and maybe influence someone into declawing their cat.

  2. This is just daft! Somone says that cats are declawed for their safety? This is one of the most oxymoronic statements I have ever heard as of yet.

    It seems to me that finding ways to justify this mutilating surgery is just in its infancy. It is indeed a terrible shame.

    Thanks for promoting anti-declaw. One day, I hope in my lifetime, the USA and Canada will follow suit with all the other countries that have banned it.